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My name is Renee Gehrke

My name is Renee Gehrke and I am excited to be your 2022 Ogle County Fair Queen. In five years, I hope to have graduated from Iowa State University with a Master's degree and plan to return home to continue my family's cattle farm, as well as find a career in the ag industry that I love! I hope to be able to give back to my community and the organizations that have made me who I am today such as 4-H, FFA, and so many more. I want to help younger members of our society become future agriculturalists and inspire them to chase their dreams.

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The Ogle County Fair Queen Pageant committee is pleased to announce our seventh

commemorative basket, handcrafted by Judy Hodgin of Apple River, IL. Many of you may have

visited her booth at Autumn On Parade.

This year she has crafted for the Ogle County Fair Queen, a rectangular basket, 11 inches long,

10 inches wide and 3 ½ inches deep. It has a woven base, stained a medium brown with blue

accents. Each basket comes with a plastic liner making it very useful for taking treats, a bowl or

gathering goodies from the garden. Each basket will be numbered and have a commemorative

tag. We are selling the basket for $35 and all profits go to help our 2023 Miss Ogle County Fair

Queen to help defray costs for the state pageant in January 2024.

Please contact Sharon Alderks to purchase a basket. You may order your basket by mailing a

check for $35, made out to the Ogle County Fair, to Sharon Alderks, 907 N. Skare Rd., Chana, IL


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