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Central Bank Illinois

State Representative Tony McCombie

Crest Foods

Mobile Electronics

Pines Meadow Vet Clinic

Gerald and Gail Beck

Estate of Susan Young

James Miller                                                            

Gerald and Jackie DeWitt

Art and Elaine Breck

Graphic Arts Express, Inc

Johnson Processing

PLN Mutual Insurance

Jonas Martin Well Drilling Co.

Tex  Bellows Farming

German American State Bank

Circle G Farms and Feed Lots, Inc

Central Illinois Loan

Laura Sack

The Harvard State Bank

Carole Sutton

Compeer Financial

Glendenning Grain, Inc

Bill and Midge Haas

Don and Judy Hayes  

Dennis and Sue Harper

Eastland Feed and Grain, Inc 

Seward Ag Supply, Inc

Dennis and Kathy Connor

Rat Worx, Inc

Gary and Connie Stauffer

Prescott Brothers Ford

Steve and Marian Baker

Johnson Tractor

Jane Meyer

Hog Slat, Inc -Martin Rod

Bruce Roe

Pearl City Elevator

Pauline McGann

Joan Cave

Holcomb Bank

Randy and Nina Rosenbalm

Cedar Creek Vines - John and Beth Chase

Alderks Farms - Bob and Linda Alderks

Blackhawk Veterinary Services, Inc 

Johnson OIl Co.

Jeff Perry Autos

Carroll Service Co.

Sterling Federal Bank

Dekalb Implement Co.

Union Savings Bank

Byron Bank

E.D. Etnyre & Co.

Equity WI-IL Livestock Marketing Coop

We are proud to have the following sponsors for our 2024 Fair

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